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Daily Self Discovery – Aug 8

Do you lack boundaries? Do you tend to overshare or insert yourself into other people’s issues? Sometimes when we want to find a connection with people, we share too much of ourselves. Often telling people more than is necessary and sometimes more than they’d want to know. And sometimes, when we want to feel like we are a part of something, we get overly involved in other people’s business. This can get messy and do exactly the opposite of what we are hoping to achieve. It can be a hard lesson to learn.

Sometimes I am incredibly private and other times I perhaps share a bit too much (often when I am drinking this is the case). However, I don’t like to be involved in people’s issues if I don’t have to be. For the most part, I have very clear boundaries.

Do you tend to overstep or overshare?


Chrysocolla – to help you communicate your truth in a way that is good for all you and the parties involved.

Amethyst – to help you build the habit of defining and maintaining boundaries.

Quartz – to help help amplify those goals.

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Octopus – Boundaries

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