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New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

Here is the New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018! New Moon is in Scorpio this month. If you’ve been following me for some time, you know I believe New Moon is the perfect time to manifest! Being that it is in Scorpio it’s going to be an intense one. During this time we plumb our depths for our hidden jewels and bring them out into the light. Of course, not everything we dig up is sparkly. Sometimes it is smutty, dirty, and oppressive. The trick is to determine how you can use those grimy, less likable things. Everything has a purpose!

What is your New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018? Want to check out the forecast for your Moon and Rising (Ascendant) Signs as well? Check out this nifty little Birth Chart Calculator from Cafe Astrology.

The cards pictured are from Lumina Tarot and Spirit de la Lune Oracle. Enjoy! If you would like to order a personalized reading, check out the Shop

Aries Tarotscope Card Draws

ARIES New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

So, you want to be first in EVERYTHING! So typical of firstborns (you are, of course, the first born of the Zodiac). New beginnings, along with the New Moon are on the horizon! This moon cycle is the PERFECT time to start manifesting big. That seed of an idea you’ve been fostering is going to start sprouting. Consider taking someone along on this journey with you. Become a teacher or a mentor in regard to this new project you are starting. We often learn more when we begin teaching others. Typically you rule with your head, but you might do well to let your heart take the reigns for the beginning of this venture.

Taurus Tarotscope Card Draw Nov 2018

TAURUS New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

This moon cycle is going to be tough for you, but only because you are so stubborn! Man, you have got some great ideas and you’re beginning to see the fruits of your effort, but you need to be open to adjustments. Don’t stick to the plan hardcore if it makes more sense to shift direction. Start making connections with people that will get you closer to your goals.  Also, quiet down for a minute and listen to your gut. Is your intuition speaking to you or fading away? Take care of your physical needs as well as your spiritual ones.

Gemini Tarotscope Card Draw Nov 2018

GEMINI New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

You are perfectly imperfect. It’s high time that you embrace your authentic self. There is no need to present different faces to different people. Be you! Awesome in your own right, this is the time to work on manifesting your awesome dreams too. Fortune is favoring you. Tap into your creative energies and see the world with new eyes. Open yourself to the majesty that is waiting for you. Honor all parts of yourself as you work on building self-confidence this Moon Cycle.

Cancer Tarotscope Card Draw Nov 2018

CANCER New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

Stop fence-sitting. Indecisiveness isn’t getting you anywhere. What you need is to shift your perspective and learn to trust your own power. Yes, power. I know conflict isn’t your forte, but sometimes to grow, you need to do things that are uncomfortable. So take a beat, examine the choices/issue/problem from a different angle so that you know what you need to do. Trust me, you CAN do this. Physically changing your perspective might also be helpful. Get up on the roof, lay on the grass, or look between your legs. Seriously, sometimes that shift is enough to trigger something.

Leo Tarotscope Card Draw Nov 2018

LEO New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

Opportunity knocks, but this is no time to be lazing about in the Sun. You have ideas coming out your yin-yang and have a thirst for learning and doing. That’s awesome! But, though it is normal for you to charge ahead letting your passion and pride carry you along, this is not the time for that. Spend some time in meditation and/or visualization. Imagine you are already living the dream. Start there. And no, I don’t mean sleeping. Connection with what you envision as the outcome helps keep your eye on the prize. 

Virgo Tarotscope Card Draw Nov 2018

VIRGO New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

You are doing it again. Become aware of what you CAN and CANNOT control. Yes, there are some things that are not within your purview. The struggle is real! Remember that you are smart, driven, and more than capable of handling what the world throws at you. Expand your awareness to include your inner knowing, your fears, hopes, and dreams. When you truly understand and forgive yourself, it’s easier to loosen the reigns.

Libra Tarotscope Card Draw Nov 2018

LIBRA New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

Things are looking good right now. Inspiration abounds and you totally get that balance doesn’t mean perfection. However, you seem to have forgotten what it means to go with the flow. Usually, you are so easy going, what has your undies in a wad? Especially when things are looking so hopeful! Check in with yourself and attempt to ride the present current with your normal grace. Remind yourself that balance means you have both easy times and rough times. Even if this is a rough patch, slip into the current and see where it takes you.

Scorpio Tarotscope Card Draw Nov 2018

SCORPIO New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

Rest this moon cycle. This is the cocoon stage where the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly. No one sees the deep changes occurring in this cocoon but they must if you are to become the butterfly. This is your time for respite. All of the work you have been doing deserves a mini celebration but know the work is not yet done! Just pause here, honor your work, and allow the transformation to occur. If you push forward, you will become stuck in a rut and no one wants that. If anything, spend some time in deep contemplation.

Sagittarius Tarotscope Card Draw Nov 2018

SAGITTARIUS New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

This Moon Cycle you will want to indulge your wandering heart as ideas come pouring forth. While these magnificent and adventurous energies are a wonderful energy to tap, there are also some precautions for you. Be careful who you share your ideas with. Not all have your best intentions at heart. What you have is special. Know also, that you do not yet have the experience to be an authority on EVERYTHING. Take care with your words lest you burn an opportunity. Some may like your straightforward approach but others who may be important to your goals don’t. Practice using tact.

Capricorn Tarotscope Card Draw Nov 2018

CAPRICORN New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to loosen the reigns. Keeping yourself so tightly in check is smothering your creativity. Live a little. Where there is abundance there will also be lack, but its not the end of the world. Lacking funds is not the terrifying monster you are imagining. During this moon cycle you need to stand in, and own, your power. Confidence brings about the desire to step out of your comfort zone and take some chances. This is a good thing because taking chances can lead to great rewards. So loosen up, enjoy life and dream big.

Aquarius Tarotscope Card Draw Nov 2018

AQUARIUS New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

You love to be stimulated and are always DOING something but your mission this moon cycle to be loved and nurtured. Find comfort in your home and loved ones.  This can be difficult for you, I know, but deep down you know you need it too. If you really must do something, focus your attention on the homestead and the things that need doing there. Taking care of the household tasks also shows that you love and care for those who reside within.

Pisces Tarotscope Card Draw Nov 2018

PISCES New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

Guess what? You get to dive into your emotions and intuitions this moon cycle. Maybe you’ve noticed some new energy stirring within you. Now is the time to explore it. Don’t neglect your physical self though. In fact, adding some strength training to your routine is sure to be beneficial for you as it will be for the adventures you are about to begin.  May even be a form of meditation that helps get you into your body. Be open to potential new relationships as well.

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New Moon Tarotscope – Nov 2018

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