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New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

Here is the New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018! New Moon is in Sagittarius this month. If you’ve been following me for some time, you know I believe New Moon is the perfect time to manifest! With New Moon in Sagittarius, this is an opportunity to keep an optimistic outlook, step into your more adventurous self, and try new things! A sunny and cheerful outlook is necessary during this time!

What is your New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018? Want to check out the forecast for your Moon and Rising (Ascendant) Signs as well? Check out this nifty little Birth Chart Calculator from Cafe Astrology.

The cards pictured are from Ophidia Rosa Tarot and Soul Trees Oracle. Enjoy! If you would like to order a personalized reading, check out the Shop I’ve recently added a Tarotscope For The Year Ahead reading!

ARIES New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

Last month you were advised to start letting your heart lead the way. This month will expand on that by encouraging you to work on the balance between mind and heart. Sometimes it is difficult for you to connect with the Divine. You are just so busy! However, you don’t give yourself time to examine your feelings, to examine your faith, or to just be still and open. Usually, you are your number one priority but the time has come to recognize that you are CONNECTED to so much more! Go take a class that encourages you to connect with your Crown Chakra. Yoga, tai chi, or if you think you can accept the challenge of finding stillness, a meditation class. Barring all of that, visit your spiritual place.

TAURUS New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

Time to get back on track with your goals. It’s been tough to stick to the plan lately and sometimes you feel like you don’t have any options. Part of the trouble is that you haven’t set any clear intentions. Instead, you indulge in this and get focused on that. Knock it off! Are all these choices you’ve been making working for you? Sit your down-to-earth butt down and stick your head in the clouds! What is it that you really want? Once you are clear on that, set some intentions for yourself. You won’t go anywhere if you don’t focus on your chosen path. Staying the course is your jam, just pick a course!

GEMINI New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

Things are getting real for you this month, Gemini! Get ready to employ those adaptive skills you’ve got because great change is coming. This might be something that is in your hands to decide but could also be the discovery of some upsetting news. If a decision is to be made, know that destroying the old doesn’t have to be devasting. It can be cathartic if you let it be. When something is out of your hands, see it as an opportunity for something new to be birthed into life. Let your curious nature guide you through this experience.

CANCER New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

This New Moon you are being guided to manifest as a teacher, tutor, or guide in a spiritual matter. This isn’t about leading the way, but about revealing the potential paths.  There is a certain way that you have been navigating your own path. Moving this way and that as you meander through life. While you are not yet finished learning, you’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way. Being one of the more deeply emotional signs of the Zodiac means that you will be a more empathetic teacher than most. There are some damaged souls who will appreciate the message you have to offer. Show, don’t tell. Guide, don’t lead. Offer, don’t expect.

LEO New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

Oh, Leo, don’t let yourself be charmed into leading projects that you honestly don’t have time for. Friendships shouldn’t dictate your life. Nice words can only go so far.  There is already SO MUCH on your plate! Did you find time for meditation last new moon like you were advised? Ya, I figured as much. Detach yourself from this massive web! Yes, you are an excellent leader but no, you are not the only one who can get the job done. And if you insist on taking the lead, then you really must delegate what you can. No one can, or should, do it all! That’s the route to burnout. 

VIRGO New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

Well, Virgo, you are coming full circle. The time has come to end and begin again. In some ways, you are the ouroboros chewing its tail and in a never-ending cycle. Start the project. Complete the project. Start another project. This can rapidly become an obsession for you. However, you must find a way to reach out to the vast world around you. Notice how you are connected to others. Sometimes you are so stuck in your routine that you feel utterly alone. Look up! Break out of that cycle and see the threads of your life and how they are tangled up with others in a beautiful web. 

LIBRA New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

This New Moon brings the opportunity for you to experience something for the first time. How exciting is that? In this day and age of easily accessible knowledge, it’s easy to forget to step outside and live! Call up your inner adventurer and balance all that book learning with experience! Keep an open mind, an open heart, and an open schedule! Let these experiences fill you with inspiration. Embark on this journey trusting that you will have amazing lessons to learn!

SCORPIO New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

Relationships are the focus for you this New Moon, Scorpio. And they are flourishing. Some of these are new and just beginning to find a natural balance and rhythm, but some of these long-established connections. These long-term ones are beginning to bear flowers. Kudos to you for not letting jealousy and suspicion damage these fragile plants. All of your efforts are producing beautiful gifts! Honor that. Honor them. Continue to nurture this garden of people in your life. Consider yourself blessed!

SAGITTARIUS New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

OOOOOHHHHH YEAAHHHHHH! This is YOUR time! New Moon is about sending your intentions out to the universe and then taking action. And you love to forge ahead! Flowing into an uber positive cycle you will also experience forms of prosperity. Don’t forget to recognize and honor your abundance. Especially come Christmas. All gifts are a blessing. Remain your friendly, assertive self because it is working for you!

CAPRICORN New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

OK, Capricorn, I know you are not one to invest yourself in things that you deem “frivolous.” Trust me when I tell you that Spirituality is NOT a joke. Maybe you have been enticed by too many options and instead of choosing a spiritual path to walk, you have avoided making a decision about it. This is so unlike you! You are all about getting things done no matter how long it takes. During this New Moon cycle, craft yourself a ritual that connects you to your more spiritual nature. Know that your holy place may not be the church, the mosque, or the temple. It might be the concert, the forest, or the sacred circle.  Pay attention to those things that stir your heart and make you want to weep. That’s an excellent cup to drink from.

AQUARIUS New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

Strong, intelligent, and powerful, you are. But don’t be a bitch! Examine your motives and your reasons for the walls you’ve been putting up. It’s OK to be analytical in your decisions. Be awesome in your power.  Don’t shut people out. Don’t drive them away. Let someone in! Better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all. Sometimes you get burned and other times you are pleasantly surprised. Further still, there are occasions when your heart is so full it might burst. Keep that in mind this moon cycle. Work to cultivate a bit more emotional connection in your life. It’s not necessary to be detached all the time.

PISCES New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

Feeling a bit stuck lately For someone who is naturally intuitive, you sure aren’t tuning in! Tap into that inner knowing. Deep down inside, YOU know what is going on. Why are you ignoring your inner voice? What are you afraid of? Trust in yourself and you will never go wrong! The Powers That Be are confused as to why you are ignoring your gifts? In order to un-stuck yourself, you must spend some time reconnecting with your intuition. Pay attention to your dreams. Open yourself to the signs around. Journal the seemingly random thoughts that are arising. Know thyself!

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New Moon Tarotscope – December 2018

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