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New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Here is the New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019! New Moon is in Capricorn this month and is a good time to work on career-related goals. This month’s New Moon falls on the same day as a solar eclipse so the energies at work are perfect for new beginnings and are very powerful.  With Capricorn as the focus for this month, you will need to become more aware of what your strengths and weaknesses are. This will help you set more specific and attainable goals.

What is your New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019? Want to check out the forecast for your Moon and Rising (Ascendant) Signs as well? Check out this nifty little Birth Chart Calculator from Cafe Astrology.

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Aries - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

ARIES New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Sometimes in order to further your career goals, you need to take a step back and reset. While you typically want to chase those goals down with passion and flair, this month you need to reflect and reminisce. Spend some time catching up with old friends this month and you will be afforded an opportunity to see your career path with fresh eyes.  Give yourself a moment to follow your heart instead of your mind. Just be careful not to turn your nostalgia session into a competition.

Taurus - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

TAURUS New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Things are looking up for you this month but changes will be happening rapidly! Good stuff is coming and you will want to pay close attention to the messages you receive. Especially if those messages (emails or correspondence) are work-related. Be prepared for rapid change and the need to clearly communicate your goals, intentions, limits, and desires. Even though it’s important to share your ideas you don’t want to be digging in your heels at this time. Leave some room to adapt.

Gemini - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

GEMINI New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Own who you are this month. Step into your power and be confident in yourself and your choices. There is no need to mold yourself into something someone else wants. Be yourself always. However, you do need to spend some time reconnecting with your faith. Spirituality is often neglected in search of other validation, but when your spirit is suffering, so is the rest of your life. Allow your natural curiosity about things to lead you to your spiritual path.

Cancer - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

CANCER New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Looks like you are walking wounded this month and it’s dragging you down. This isn’t a time to let your emotions get the better of you. Instead, focus on the missing piece of your puzzle. Something isn’t quite right in your life but you can’t seem to put your finger on what it is. Stay home, take time for yourself and contemplate the things in your life. Indulge in family and dreams, let them guide you on your path.

Leo - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

LEO New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Alchemy is the aim of the game this month! As you pursue career goals you will find yourself incorporating seemingly opposing elements into your projects. Once you get the hang of this handy skill you will be rockin’! Notice the little signs along the way that tell you that you are on the right path. Allow your creative and passionate self to shine through in the things that you do. Add a little of yourself, and a little of the things you are less wont to deal with and see what brilliance you birth!

Virgo - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

VIRGO New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Your world of orderly things will be rocked this New Moon cycle and you will have to unlock your throat chakra and use your words to get through it. Unfortunately, you can’t plan for everything and often the universe likes to throw a wrench into the gears. Learning to express your needs, desires, and concerns will be of the utmost benefit to you during this tumultuous time. Roll with the punches and speak your truth.

Libra - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

LIBRA New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Balanced relationships are going to be your focus this moon cycle. Quite likely you are failing to achieve that personal and professional balance and it’s beginning to affect those closest to you. Resistance will be faced in your relationships this month. Since being balanced is your thing, it’s unusual for you to struggle with these issues. Pay close attention to why you are meeting this resistance and figure out how you may address it. Things will find their equilibrium once you do.

Scorpio - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

SCORPIO New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Victory doesn’t come without its share of conflict. Remember that as you encounter some difficulties this moon cycle. Trust always in your intuition and prepare yourself for the battles ahead.  Your determination, cunning, and intensity will be of major benefit to you as you meet these challenges. Just try not to be too vicious with your surgical strikes! Keep your eye on the prize and be ready for war.

Sagittarius - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

SAGITTARIUS New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Even though your wandering soul is always seeking the next adventure, you need to spend some time growing roots. Having a strong foundation and safe haven to return to can provide you with the security to send your heart out into the world. Having said that, this month is a good time to seek alternative perspectives to your deep-rooted ideas and ideals. Be open to other’s views.

Capricorn - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

CAPRICORN New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

The biggest obstacle to your plans this moon cycle is your self. Inner conflict is preventing you from making decisions. The person doubting your ability to reach your goals is you. Trust that you have got this! If anyone can make their dreams a reality it is you, but you have to stop sabotaging yourself with negative self-talk, self-doubt, and people who don’t wish the best for you. Make it happen!

Aquarius - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

AQUARIUS New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Generally, you are focused on creating, inventing, and standing up for your causes, but this moon cycle you need to work on your foundations and responsibilities. Boring as that may sound, remember that being fiscally responsible allows you the freedom to stimulate your mental muscles. Put your crafty mind to the task of financial planning and take care of your chores!

Pisces - New Moon Tarotscope - January 2019

PISCES New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

Difficult as it may be for you, this month calls you to be the rock, the firm authority for those in your life. Unfortunately, things are going to come to a standstill and you will have to deal with the crap that you generally avoid. Know that once you have cleaned up the mess things will flow again. Listen to your gut as you make the more responsible choices. While incredibly uncomfortable, this process is necessary.

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New Moon Tarotscope – January 2019

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